Monday, June 22, 2009

Mass Tort and National Law Firms Invited to Learn About PI TV Advertising at AAJ Annual Convention in San Francisco

“The Secret Advertising Weapons
of Per Inquiry TV Case Acquisition”

San Francisco, CA--Are you a personal injury attorney or law firm seeking per inquiry marketing and per inquiry advertising? Are you a Pharmaceutical Injury Lawyer?

Last Second Media's new division, LawyerProfit, will feature a private seminar at 3pm on Sunday July 26, entitled “Using DRTV for Mass Tort Case Acquisition” at the 2009 convention for The American Association for Justice.

The seminar for plaintiff bar members at the AAJ will show how LawyerProfit (LSM) can deliver new case inquiries from direct response marketing. In this proven business model, law firms pay little to nothing for the tv advertising unless they acquire a valid lead.

The private seminar will be lead by Frank Pournelle and is subtitled: “The Secret Advertising Weapons of Per Inquiry Case Acquisition”. The seminar will take place at the Warwick Hotel located at 490 Geary Street, San Francisco 94102.

To attend this private seminar on securing national tort liability cases through direct response marketing using per inquiry advertising, contact Frank Pournelle, President, Last Second Media Inc. at 1-800-334-4500 or by visiting LawyerProfit.

Mr. Pournelle has deployed national television advertising to acquire thousands of personal injury cases for law firms including the Law Offices of James Sokolove, Law Offices of Robert Goldwater, and Jim Adler from Houston, TX.

The plaintiff lawyer marketing program rapidly acquires tort liability cases product liability, medical malpractice and wrongful death cases involving pharmaceuticals, consumer products and insurance. The trial lawyer marketing program can power personal injury law practices or co-counsel lawyer advertising at a fraction of the cost using traditional television advertising.

Last Second Media founder and President, Frank Pournelle has honed his process and system of using direct response media since 2001 to help attorneys secure thousands of new cases. His experience in medical tort liability case acquisition includes Duragesic Pain Patch, Digitek, Chantix, Asbestosis, Mesothelioma and Silicosis; Vioxx / Celebrex / Bextra; Fen Phen / PPH; Zyprexa / Seroquel ; ACE Inhibitors; Baycol / Rhabdomyolysis; and Paxil / Zoloft. Medical malpractice and product liability experience includes ATV rollover, contact lens solution, defribulator and hernia patch cases.

Pournelle says “Our specialized direct marketing firm has delivered thousands of new tort liability cases for legal firms. With one call we can create commercial scripts with both emotional appeal and self-selecting criteria; shoot sharp TV and web video spots; develop an excellent call center screening process; enlist hundreds of broadcasters nationally; deploy hundreds of memorable toll-free numbers for tracking; and access potential cases months ahead of the competition. We practice the Science of Law Firm Marketing to start generating new leads today for a client.”

LawyerProfit uniquely implements a yield analysis program called Broadcast ROI, helping to provide case volume estimates. The LawyerProfit econometrics department is also the first to develop the Depleting Inventory Model for maximizing lead volume at a lower cost while providing an early advantage on still-developing product recalls, toxic torts and product liability incidents.

Lead flow is rapid. By tapping their own radio inventory on over 230 radio stations across 26 states, clients of Last Second Media’s can be on air in a matter of days. Over a 90 day period, thousands of television, cable, satellite, and radio broadcasters can be added.

In the long term, Last Second Media can outlast client competition by eliminating the risk of advertising with per inquiry media programs that allow a law firm to pay only when customers respond to advertising. “Per Inquiry is an unfair advantage for national lawyer advertising”, says LSM President, Frank Pournelle. “A client can profitably obtain new cases long after competitors stop running cash media tin order to still secure tort liability cases. Economically, our programs increase a law firm's profit margin with lower costs, greater longevity, and greater reach. We are openly experts at marketing of legal services nationally.”

Unlike a traditional internet marketing and advertising company, Last Second Media combines multiple offline and online media to stimulate and drive response for clients rather than serve existing demand or simply create comparison shopping for counsel on the web.

This strategic combination of Per Inquiry Radio, Per Inquiry TV, Per inquiry Newsprint and Web Video Marketing powerfully drives mass tort actions, product liability and product recall litigation. The LSM program may now be deployed to secure mass tort liability cases on a pay-per-call (PPC) basis.

LawyerProfit delivers massive economies over traditional advertising by creating a performance-based program between broadcasters and law firms using millions of dollars in unsold advertising inventory to reach injured parties, their families and their caregivers.

In short, the team of LawyerProfit specializes in securing and managing pay-per-lead media campaigns using television, radio, newspaper and web video for lawyer advertising. Powered by Higher Power Marketing of Phoenix, AZ, LSM accesses DR Media from Per Inquiry media networks across TV, interactive TV, radio, mobile and print.

In the main, a client firm pays for each valid or qualified lead after testing. More importantly, the proven operation process of LawyerProfit will target, attract, qualify and process candidates so that law clients can concentrate on managing their business and law practice with no additional staff or learning curve.

To date, LSM estimates helping to secure over $100 million in legal settlements for attorneys, their law firms and afflicted families. Said Mr. Pournelle, “The per inquiry Trial Lawyer Advertising Program by LawyerProfit is a secret weapon for Pharmaceutical Plaintiff Lawyers.”

To attend this private seminar on securing national tort liability cases through direct response marketing using per inquiry advertising, contact Frank Pournelle, President, Last Second Media Inc. at 1-800-334-4500 or by visiting LawyerProfit,, www.LastSecondMedia.TV or

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